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Le Manteau

Le Manteau
  • Duration: 35min
  • France
  • Tout public
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Marcel Marceau

Le manteau is a show revered by mime artists all over the world.

Marcel Marceau originally created Le manteau in 1951, reprising it in 1993.
In this performance he pushes his art to new heights, becoming as one with the young troupe assembled around him.
Retaining all the drama of Gogol’s original story, Marceau bends its form to his own will as he crafts a sombre portrait of a man stripped of his pride and identity.
In this legendary piece, Marceau examine and laments the terrible mechanisms of social exclusion at work in our world. The opening act is comprised of some of Marceau’s famous pantomimes starring Bip, and other solo sketches which have been performed and acclaimed all over the world.

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Photos credit : Maurice Melliet

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  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 1994