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Le Divan

Le Divan
  • Duration: 1 h 05
  • Hongrie
  • Tout public
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Inspired by an ancient legend, Le Sofa Trio reimagine the Three Kings as down-on-their-luck managers, spending their old age in pursuit of a star which leads them into absurd adventures.

Le Divan is an immense sofa-cum-trampoline, sometimes catapulting the three protagonists into the air, and sometimes serving as a throne or even a refuge.
Their movements are occasionally interrupted by the appearance of a red fox, symbolising the supernatural.
With this profusion of unlikely ideas, the Sofa Trio succeed in creating a deliciously Dadaist blend of circus, mime and dance.

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Photos credit : Maurice Melliet

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  • Place of capture : Centre Culturel de la Visitation
  • Collection : Mimos 1992