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La Nuit de Vesunna - Danse traditionnelle de Côte d'Ivoire

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Yao Eby

Yao Eby dances the Ivory Coast

Born in a small village in the centre of Ivory Coast, Yao Eby inherited a rich family tradition (this used to be the case in all Ivorian villages). In Yao’s case he inherited the dancing traditions of his mother’s family. From a tender age he was schooled in traditional rhythms and dancing, attending every rehearsal to observe the dancers, their movements and their choreographies.

Through his performances he shares this ancestral knowledge, presenting a series of solo pieces which recreate a day in the life of a man from morning through to sunset. A wonderful opportunity to discover the traditional dances of the Ivory Coast and plunge deep into the sources of African culture:
- Abodan: a popular dance performed at gatherings and celebrations, or to invoke the spirits to bless the harvest.
- Sounou: a dance of seduction, performed by moonlight once work in the fields is finished. A moment of shared communion between men and women.
- Kotou: the dance of the boa, intended to protect the village through the night.

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Danced by: Yao Eby

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  • Place of capture : Jardin du Musée Vesunna
  • Collection : Mimos 2010

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