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Fuga D'X

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Dracin Ra

An intensely personal performance style originating in Japan. A stylised, choreographed performance packed with surprises, as strange and unfamiliar as it is wickedly funny…

A man stands alone beneath a street light. Suddenly, the silhouette of a lifeless corpse appears before him… He doesn’t know this man, but without even touching the body he somehow finds himself pursued by unknown forces…

What are we running from? Where are we going? Inspired by the works of Japanese author Taruho Inagaki, Fuga d’X is a mime performance which mirrors the absurdity of the world around us, giving form to the worries and psychic conflict which all of us sometimes experience. On the other hand, life’s troubles do occasionally lead to ridiculous situations where the only solution is to laugh…


Expressing inner torment in a way we can all relate to, Shuji Onodera calls upon the audience’s imagination with a succession of effects designed to unsettle our visual perception.
His intensely personal performance style is built upon highly stylised, choreographed movements, as strange and unfamiliar as they are wickedly funny.

Distribution and legal informations

Created by: Shuji Onodera
Director / Choreographer: Shuji Onodera
Performers: Shuji Onodera, Momoko Fujita, Shuichi Abiru, Taro Ookuma, Shuichi Sakaguchi, Mitani Sakahuchi
With support from: Japan Foundation
Photos credits : Maurice Melliet

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2008