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  • Duration: 1h20
  • Netherlands
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Karina Holla

An ode to the beauty, fragility and expressive power of an ageing body.

Karina Holla’s theatrical language owes much of its power to her deft handling of thematic and artistic contrasts: history and current affairs, frenetic activity and subtle calm, humour and tragedy.
In her latest show Falten, the artist draws inspiration from and pays tribute to the first generation of Dutch mime artists, that core group whose style seems to be on the brink of extinction.
She thus sought out three of the most prominent members of this original generation to star in Falten: Frits Vogels, Wim Meuwissen and Ide van Heiningen.
Their presence makes Falten an elegiac celebration of the beauty and vulnerability of ageing bodies. This is true physical theatre, exploring the body with humanity and poetry.
For more than a quarter of a century, Karina Holla has been crafting a vital, vivid approach to the theatre of movement, prising open new horizons as both actor and director.

Distribution and legal informations

Concept: Karina Holla
Directed by: Karina Holla
Photos: Diana Blok
Stage / Set design: Theun Mosk
Costumes: Annelles de Ridder
Graphic design: Paulina Matusiak
Performers: Frits Vogels, Wim Meuwissen, Ide Van Helningen, Andrea Beugger
Production: Compagnie Karina Holla (Aude Logger)
With support from: FAPK
With thanks to: Studio Dok; Hetveemtheater

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2005