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  • Duration: 1 h 15
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Semola Teatre

A baroque scenario, a grandiose set and ten performers who throw everything they have at this extraordinary show.

Esperanto is a theatrical exploration of the universal themes of love, war and death.
The imagery is moving, powerful and unexpected, not least in the remarkable scene where actresses in full bridal regalia partake in a nostalgic banquet as a coffin takes pride of place in the centre of the table.
A host of elegant, joyous young men devote themselves to the art of seduction, while their fathers stare death in the face.
A woman mimes an incredible childbirth scene, simultaneously painful and voluptuous, as a vast transparent bath inexorably fills with water, imprisoning the young mother with no hope of escape.


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Photos credit : Maurice Melliet


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  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 1998

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    Semola Teatre

    A show defined by its physical and emotional acrobatics.