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Eau la la

  • Duration: 25 min
  • Belgium
  • Young audience
  • 265 vues


A tragicomic gestural fairytale which flirts with the absurd as it celebrates that most precious of resources: water.

What would we do if there was no water left? A man and a plant discuss the importance of water to the world.
A tragi-comic, burlesque and political tale orchestrated with humour by Chaliwaté, and a timely environmental message.
Exploring the many ecological problems facing the world, this show is designed to educate young audiences about the vital importance of water, approaching this crucial subject with humour and poetry rather than moralising zeal.
The theatre of movement lends itself perfectly to this task, allowing Chaliwaté to address this most serious of subjects with simplicity and clarity, not to mention comic gusto.

Distribution and legal informations

Concept: Sandrine Heyraud, Sicaire Durieux
Directed by: Sandrine Heyraud, Sicaire Durieux (with help from Emmanuel Vacca)
Costumes: Christine Pélissier
Performers: Sandrine Heyraud, Sicaire Durieux, Alain Durieux
Cellists: Louise Bigorgne, François-Xavier Bigorgne
Production: Compagnie Chaliwaté

More informations

  • Place of capture : Parc Gamenson
  • Collection : Mimos 2005