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  • Duration: 1h10
  • Czech republic
  • Adult audience
  • 379 vues

Howard Buten

Buffo is not the name of a show. It is the name adopted by Howard Buten when he is “clowning around”.

Born in the USA in 1974, in the shadow of Howard Buten, Buffo has been hauling his fragile, supposedly clumsy form around the world ever since. Buffo does not speak with words, but with his soul. For this celestial buffoon jokes are a way of life, singing and dancing are an invitation to play, and music is his very own kingdom. The panoply of musical instruments on stage has varied over the years. Violins, cellos and other stringed contraptions, ukuleles, maracas, drums and concertinas; sometimes even a piano. Each instrument becomes the focus of his dreams, his exasperations, his struggles and his veneration.
An array of unbiddable objects also find their way into the show – brooms, bins, feather dusters and so on. A vindictive, music-loving rubber chicken is also a recurring character. Not to forget the occasional outbreak of dancing, or a ventriloquist’s dummy to add a sense of music hall tradition.
Audiences don’t turn up to see Howard Buten’s latest show, they come out to see “whatever Buffo’s doing now”.

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Photos credit : Maurice Melliet

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  • Collection : Mimos 1991