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  • Duration: 45 min
  • France
  • Young audience
  • 814 vues

Les Accordéeuses

Somewhere between humour and poetry, a delicious duet with the printed page...

An armchair, a book… nothing particularly remarkable, let’s take a listen… Listen to the rustling pages of stories great and small, stories that dreams are made of, stories that shape our identities. The paper murmurs, hums, crumples, and opens up to reveal pages teeming with life...
Isn’t paper the most important invention of all time? As the bearer of writing it is the physical manifestation of memory, perpetuating and passing on History and its many stories: collective, individual, and identity-shaping.
This spell-binding show features a book of endless imagination, a never-ending journal, a thousand hungry pages, 26 letters which refuse to be tamed, a page without a reader, a reader without a partner, a passport without a port, an ocean of paper which unfolds and, suddenly opens up a whole new perspective... A story that tells itself, unfurling and imprinting itself upon the audience, retracing the pathways of our memories, sketching out our identities in the fibres of the paper and the very act of reading. Here, “words” become material, movement, silence and illusion, drafted into the service of all-transcending imagination. The body which rises to the paper’s challenge and comes to life is also a material which takes form, changes shape, stands up and stands tall...
Packed with wit and a keen sense of the fantastic, fronted by two superb actors who flit deftly between comedy and poetry, (B)rêves is a wonderful tribute to the power of paper and books.

Distribution and legal informations

  • Created by: Angèle Lemort, Laurent Duverger
  • Puppetry: Christian Remer
  • Additional writing: Isa Armand
  • Score composed by: Julien Kohler
  • Mixing: Ali Ibrahim
  • Sets: Anne de Vellis, Françoise Montenot
  • Performers: Angèle Lemort, Thomas Favre, David Torres (alternate performances)
  • With the support of: Ville de Créteil; MJC Club de Creteil; Spedidam
  • Special thanks: Groupe Geste(s); Compagnie Les instants volés; Maria-Eugenia Guzman de Paul; Sélina Casati; Julien; Patrick Marcland; Association La petite Rockette; Tango Prod
  • Photos credits: Francis Aviet

More informations

  • Place of capture : Caves de l'espace culturel François Mitterrand
  • Collection : Mimos 2016