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  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • France
  • Young audience
  • 999 vues


Blblblb...: a funny name for a “sparklebomb” who can only express herself through movement and a few simple sounds. A captivating, musical solo clown show for young audiences.

Blblblb is always getting picked on by the other kids. They pick on her because she can’t talk. So what?! Blblblb speaks her own strange language: we might not understand much of it, but she knows how to get her point across. And she’s so nice, so funny! As the show goes on, Blblblb discovers and shares with the audience a succession of musical instruments which seem to have magically appeared from some other world…
Who is this peculiar character, arriving in a flurry of “blablablas” and “blblbls”? Her language seems to owe as much to baby babble as it does to scat singing. And then, slowly but surely, with the help of her musical instruments, she begins to make sense… This funny « Little Prince » part-clown, part-elf, sweeps us up on a musical, educational journey, exploring the Earth and its inhabitants. Punctuated with moments of laughter and pure poetry, this joyous round-the-world adventure proves that the language of movement and sound reaches far beyond the language of mere words. When you can speak the language of music, borders magically melt away to reveal the wordless essence of all things.
Marlène Bouniort flits effortlessly form acting to singing, from dancing to acrobatics, from hip-hop body percussion to opera in the blink of an eye! She is joined on stage by a mass of musical instruments, partners in the performance, the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

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  • Created, performed, composed and directed by: Marlène Bouniort
  • Light design: Paulin Brisset
  • Video: Olivier Tarasse
  • With help from: S.Kastelnik, C. Blanche and F. Ezechiele Sforzini, D.N.B (Cie Dhéadre Nasional de Baris)

More informations

  • Place of capture : Caves de l'Espace culturel François Mitterrand