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Au fil des torsions

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • France
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Raie Manta Cie - Lise Pauton

The body under tension, the body in contortion… Lise Pauton and Frédéric Forte combine their respective disciplines to create a show which is at once gestural and narrative.

A soundtrack, a simple round rug on the floor, a contortionist slowly twisting and turning as the text runs on…
Contortionist Lise Pauton is blessed with an extremely elastic body and a poetic sensibility: “How can you express emotion through the contortions of your body? It’s speaking without speaking! Talking with the body, your own body, which is already so expressive… To create movement you have to direct your body, but you also have to listen to it, let it come to you, let the expression take flight and then snatch it from mid-air! Movements are like migrating birds: you catch them mid-flight. What if we didn’t catch them, but instead hopped on board to join their flight?” In Au fil des Torsions, she interweaves the subtle poetry of her movements with the words of Frédéric Forte. Both find new forms of expression in their twists and turns, one through movement and the other through lyrical dexterity. What emerges is a sinuous dialogue between text and movement, a duet in which the body becomes a new language, a source of inspiration, a moment of splendid isolation in the history of human evolution.

Distribution and legal informations

  • Concept/Performance: Lise Pauton
  • Text: Frédéric Forte
  • Music: Christian Paboeuf
  • Creative consultant: Véronique Pauton
  • Lighting: Jean-Luc Maurs
  • Costume: Emeline Dessieux
  • Production: RaieManta Compagnie
  • With the support of: ADDA 31, Conseil général Haute Garonne, Conseil régional Midi-Pyrénées, SMAD Cap Découverte, Pôle National Cirque Jules Verne d’Amiens, CROUS (31), Essais de cirque studio du Lido-Centre Municipal des Arts du cirque de Toulouse, Salle Chapou- Crous de Toulouse
  • Artistic residencies: Espace Roguet (31), La Grainerie: fabrique des arts du cirque et de l’itinérance, La Fabrique du Mirail (31), Centre Culturel Bellegarde (31), SMAD Cap Découverte
  • With thanks to: Serge Gars, Paule Gery, Joce Magne, Michèle Pauton

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Paradis
  • Collection : Mimos 2015