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Ascension Funambule

  • Duration: 30 min
  • Belgium - France
  • For all
  • 971 vues

Les Filles du Renard Pâle

To open Mimos, a light, musical performance, made-to-measure for a unique, intense experience…

A cable stretches upward to a hanging garden several tens of metres higher up… And, on this very high wire, a tightrope walker crosses the sky, accompanied by live music. Full of strength, fragility and grace, she begins her ascent, advancing one step at a time. Whimsical, she takes her time, savouring these moments of freedom. She never wants to come down again…

The wire symbolizes the element of risk. Stretching in a straight line, without a net, it represents the path we all follow with a greater or lesser degree of difficulty… In this in situ performance created for the opening of MIMOS 2017, tightrope walker Johanne Humblet created wonderful emotions as she paced the sky twelve metres over the heads of the public, on a cable reaching from the Place Mauvard to Thouin garden, with the musical accompaniment of the Perigord group Met.H.Ode.

Johanne and the musicians met and worked together during a stay at the Sans Réserve, Salle de Musique Amplifiée in Perigord in June 2017. With no pre-ordained choreography, each of Johanne Humblet's performances on the tightrope is unique and original.
And, in addition to its visual virtuosity, the performance never fails to produce a very real and fragile magical experience.

Distribution and legal informations

  • Stage design and performance: Johanne Humblet
  • Tightrope installations: Pascal Voinet
  • Music: Met.H.Ode (Nawak British, Dawa, David Carbonnel, Dubba Do)
  • Produced by: Les Filles du Renard Pâle
  • Co-produced with: le Sans Réserve
  • Photos credits : Francis Aviet

More informations

  • Place of capture : Place Mauvard
  • Collection : Mimos 2017