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Discover the catalog, with a selection of shows scheduled in Périgueux during Mimos.

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  • Switzerland
    Arts Mouvementés - Yasmine Hugonnet
    An astonishing “recital” where the soloist’s body is the only instrument on stage.
  • France - Switzerland
    Anatomie Anomalie is about finding a new path to the stars, as the winds of change start blowing. A circus performance stripped of its usual accessories…
  • 2007 La Porta
    Canada - Germany - Switzerland
    Cie Due Piu Uno
    A series of pantomimes, clowning and improvisation, a plunge into the poetic, playful and wonderful world of clowns.
  • 2007 Gaff Aff
    Cie Zimmermann et De Perrot
    A "live merry-go-round", combining choreography, circus arts, plastic arts and choreography, in which the characters, music, movement and scenography all interact intensely.
  • United States - France - Switzerland
    Murray Brosh Productions
    An astonishing choreographic confrontation between the space occupied by the classical repertoire and that of contemporary dance. A performance of unnerving intimacy and proximity…
  • Switzerland
    Cie 7273
    A woman and a man navigate the bumpy terrain of love and mime, theatre of movement and dance. Together they meld into one another, transform each other, question each other.
  • France - Switzerland
    A striking fusion of body and sculpture... A fascinating glimpse in the “mirror”...
  • Switzerland
    Compagnia Baccalà
    A "bone of contention" that leads to a duo of acrobatic and poetic clowning.